Customer Service Policy (English)

Rules of Customer Service for Transit

Our transportation agency is dedicated to providing, safe, accessible transportation all the time and professional service to our consumers. We can provide this service only when our passengers respect and follow certain safety rules:

1. The driver is responsible for the safety and welfare of all passengers while traveling in the vehicle. Therefore, the driver is responsible. It is expected from passengers who obey the driver’s directions at all times. The safety and welfare of passengers are contingent on all passengers obey these instructions.

2. Passengers are expected to be courteous at all times while riding in the vehicle. Any passenger who abused verbally and / or physically to other passengers or the driver will be asked to leave the vehicle immediately.

3. If the vehicle is equipped with seat belts and passengers do not use, the driver will tell you that the safety belt is buckled before proceeding. If they refuse to buckle your seatbelt, was asked to leave the vehicle and will be denied service.

4. It is expected that passengers pay the ticket (fare) or submit the valid pass to the driver before boarding the vehicle. We appreciate the exact value of the rate. We do not allow any passengers traveling without paying.

5. Do not stand or leave the vehicle until you have completely stopped and the driver alert all is safe.

6. Passengers are expected to take care of your belongings when traveling in the vehicle. The agency is not liable for lost, damaged or stolen items.

7. In case of emergency, all passengers must follow the instructions given by the driver clearly. If a vehicle evacuation is necessary, the driver will indicate to you. What actions to take.

8. No passengers are allowed to consume food and / or beverages in the vehicle.

9. No smoking and/or chewing snuff.

10. A no passenger is allowed to have an open alcohol container in the vehicle.

11. Not allowed at any time illegal drugs in the vehicle. Anyone who is found in possession of such drugs will be immediately reported to law enforcement agencies.

12. At the discretion of transportation providers, any intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs may or may not be allowed to travel in the vehicle person.

13. Anyone using vulgar language against the driver or have other passengers will be asked to leave the vehicle.

14. Passengers asked to maintain good personal hygiene. This way they do not offend other passengers.

15. Passengers must refrain from horseplay or fighting in the vehicle. The driver immediately stop the vehicle at the time they are newsworthy, will ask the passenger to vacate the vehicle and contact local law enforcement agencies if deemed necessary.

16. No weapons are allowed in any vehicle at any time. Weapons include any of the following: gun, knife, pipe, bar, baseball bat, or any other device capable of causing physical harm to another individual. Anyone who comes across a gun will be reported immediately to law enforcement agencies. There are no exceptions to this rule.

17. Service animals accompanying individuals with disabilities shall be admitted boarding the vehicle. No other animal will be admitted.

Any passenger who violates these rules may be prohibited from using our service. We are responsible for the safety and welfare of all passengers.